About Us

T0P FOOD (E.A.) Limited is a manufacturer and exporter of exquisite blends of spices, seasonings, and other household pantry products, situated in the capital of Kenya, Nairobi. We supply to all supermarkets, wholesale and retail outlets countrywide and also in Uganda through our distributors.

Our products conform with the following standards and certifications.







and many more!


The company was established about 50 years ago: initially known as NAIROBI FOOD PRODUCTS. In 2005 NAIROBI FOOD PACKERS was acquired BY TOP FOOD E.A. Ltd.

NAIROBI FOOD PACKERS dealt only in bulk spice supplying industries and shops. TOP FOOD E.A. Ltd. started retailing spices and seasoning in small standing pouches, being the pioneers in standing pouch packing in EAST AFRICA. Due to popular customer demands, we later started packaging in jars and expanding our product lines whilst still being market leaders in seasonings and spices.


Our mission as a modern food manufacturing company is to sustain the level of high-quality product that TOP FOOD E.A. LTD is known to manufacture. We also keep fairly low competitive prices that benefit and suit consumers needs. Our mission is possible by supporting locally sourced produce.

The company has visions to expand all over East Africa, providing employment and job opportunities for today’s youth all over Kenya. We also want our products to be affordable and easily available to our consumers to enable us to meet our company missions.


We employ around 100 employees thus helping create jobs and opportunities for Kenya’s youth. Local employment has always been important for the company and its partners. The company has always helped in providing nutritional products to children's homes and also helping locals with immunity boosters to get through the Covid-19 pandemic.

We as TOP FOOD E.A. LTD believe that supporting local produce and local sources helps empower and contribute to the economic growth of Kenyans. Reducing our carbon footprint is important to our stakeholders. We re-use and repurpose plastic waste by donating plastic waste to Gjenge Makers for them to recycle plastic waste to create building materials such as bricks.